Contact on the Frontier
There was no law and order on the frontier. The frontier moved further inland every year.

The frontier hit us after Mitchell's explorations of 1835 and 1836. White men were settling in by 1850.

Here's a timeline:

1835 Mitchell: Bourke to Menindee
1836 Mitchell: Darling Junction to Burtundy
1848 Francis MacCabe surveys Darling; Weinteriga and Tintinallogy occupied; Native Police formed
1850 Settlement at ‘Mount Murchison’ (Wilcannia)
1852 Settlement at Menindee
1856 Native Police depot set up at Tintinallogy
1859 Darling navigated by steamer to Bourke
1860 Burke and Wills camp at Menindee
1863 Township of Menindie gazetted; Nanya runs off from Cuthero
1866 Township of Wilcannia gazetted

Here are some stories of early battles:
The whole process of making Aboriginal people 'quiet'.
A massacre of Paakantyi people in 1841. Here it is in cartoon form.
A massacre of Aboriginal people in NSW that saw 7 murderers hanged.

Major Mitchell was the first explorer in Victoria in 1836. From 1836 to 1850 -- 14 years!!! -- many, many Aboriginal people were killed. This map shows only the killings we know about. By1850 the white men had colonised all of Victoria, except for the desert parts in the west and the mountains in the east. In 1860 the head of the Victorian government said, "Victoria has no Aboriginal problem."